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  • A web page with an embedded video
  • The Firefox about:plugins page with WMP11 plugin installed
  • WMP 11 Plugin's test page

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Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin 1.0 is an essential plugin that every Firefox user must have installed. With this plugin, you can watch and listen to video, audio and streaming URLs in Microsoft's format, like ASF, WMV, WMV, WMF, and many more directly from within the browser.
When you visit a web page that contains a media object (WMF/WMV/ASF/WMF...), you will see the Windows Media Player in compact visualization mode (with the essential controls), directly embedded in the web page, and you will be able to see videos, listen to radio stations, and watch TV programs without opening Windows Media Player in your own window, getting the URL and pasting it into WMP.
This plugin is offered/maintained by the PORT25 Community (, a new IT division of Microsoft, dedicated to the research and exploration of open source solutions and to improvement of interoperability between Microsoft products and the 'open source world', especially related to Linux.
On the home page, division has a blog to discuss the related problems.


  • Brings more interoperability with Microsoft's Multimedia Formats to Firefox users.


  • The plugin files are installed to the Mozilla Firefox plugins folder, and also they will be placed in a \PFiles\Plugins folder on your Windows drive (usually C:). This is considered a major design flaw.

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    Guest Last year

    Can I play my music in the Google Frive .wav format?

  • 1
    Guest 2 years ago

    I installed it and it works fine for the predefined local stations (which I don't need) but there is no way to add other stations (which I do need!). It seems that it installs a station list based on the current locality setting.
    Does anyone have a solution?

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    Shohom 4 years ago


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